6 top Questions for KBK Office Services

What can a virtual assistant do for me?
This is a common but necessary question when you are looking for a quality office assistant.  You need someone who will be able to communicate, organize, and keep you moving at a good pace.  You need someone with the skills necessary to get done everything you need to get done without having to slow down to teach them something.  You can’t always be in the office due to client meetings, or sales meetings, you need someone you can trust.  Someone you know can get the job done in your absence.  Virtual Assistants are business owners with the experience to read what the next move should be.
What is KBK Office Services?
KBK Office Services is a virtual assistant firm dedicated to helping our clients keep up with the ever changing world that is their business.  There is no one on the planet with an over abundance of time.  You are a business owner, forever trying to market, sale, and run your business.  KBK Office Services can help with the run to give you more time with the market and sale.  We can help with the market and sale if you need it as well. 
When is KBK Office Services available?
KBK Office Services does not have a set office schedule.  We try to be as flexible as possible to provide the best service we can.  If you are up at midnight trying to create a marketing packet we will be there to help you. 
Where does KBK Office Services operate from?
KBK Office Services is completely virtual, this means we work from our own office with our own equipment.  We can remotely access your company files, or in some cases we will make trips to your office, but only when absolutely necessary.  We will still be able to communicate with you even when you are on the road.  
Who is KBK Office Services?
KBK Office Services is owned and operated as a sole-proprietorship, by Valerie Snyder. 
Valerie has worked as an administrative assistant for the same real estate sales/appraisal company for over 10 years.  She has also worked as an accounts payable clerk, and a bookkeeper for other small companies around the Saratoga County.  “I believe with a strong partnership between a business owner, and their assistant there is nothing that even a small business can’t accomplish.”  
Why should I use KBK Office Services instead of just hiring an employee?
This is not an easy answer as they are both viable options for any company, however if you are limited on space or money you should consider you will only pay KBK Office Services for the time they actually work, without the added cost of payroll taxes, benefits, and paid time off.  You won’t have to create a work space for KBK Office Services, or provide any equipment, office supplies, or furniture.  We can help you get to the point where you are ready to hire an employee, and then act as a bridge between you and your new employee to keep your business running
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