Almost a year later

I forgot I had started this blog, I was so busy trying to get my business up and running and I forgot something.  Who knew that would happen.  Alot has happened in the year since I started KBK Office Services but alot still remains the same.  I still have a lot to do, I did not realize that a year later I would still be trying to put things together.  I have learned so much with this process it is incredible, and frustrating at the same time.  It amazes me the number of people who have decided to work for themselves now that I know what kind of work goes into it.  Anyone can work for themselves if they have the drive, dedication, and truly love what they do.  I can honestly say I enjoy the work, I enjoy meeting new people, and solving problems.  I think this will be a challenging, but rewarding experience and I am truly happy I decided to move forward with it.  A supportive family, and a strong desire has helped me get where I am, with all I have I know this will become my next great adventure. 

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