Can it be that easy? Customer Service is all about…

Where are all of my customers?  Why can I not seem to connect to my customers?  Why do people buy my product or service once then don’t come back?

Are these all questions you are asking yourself?  If these are your questions let’s take a look at your customer service practices.  Nothing keeps customers coming back like great customer service.  People want to buy from you, they trust you, and they trust you to stand behind your product or service.  If they don’t they will not return.  Most of the time a mistake can be overlooked when the customer knows you are going to do whatever it takes to make it right.

If you have employees, you need to be clear on your customer service practices.  You need to make sure they know how to handle most typical situations.  Your employees are most times your first contact with a customer.  If you have someone answering the phone who is rude, or not engaged with the conversation, chances are that customer will never contact you again.  They will contact your competition.  Be aware of how your employees handle your customers.  The best way to be clear on how you want your customers to be taken care of is to have a plan. You should have in your employee handbook written policies for things like exchanges, returns, and follow-up or customer contact procedures.  You can’t predict every interaction but you can be sure that most of the typical situations your employees will encounter can be handled in a professional and consistent manner.  This is important because you want your customers to come back, and bring friends with them.  If your customer service procedures are not consistent, or customers do not feel like they are being taken care of then they will not return.

Make sure your employees always answer the phone politely, with a friendly voice.  When a customer comes through your door, everyone should be smiling, and saying hello or welcome.  If a customer has a question they should be able to ask any member of your staff about a particular product or service and they should get a knowledgeable answer.  Every interaction from you or your staff with any customer should always be friendly, and helpful.  This is what people want, this is what keeps them coming back.  It really is this easy.

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