How did I get here?

A few months after I opened my business I sat at my desk completely overwhelmed.  I was feeling lost, and unsure of myself.  Determined to see my business grow and become successful I planned, and planned.  I spent hours on the internet researching what a business owner was supposed to do.  I had notebooks of research, and advice.  I subscribed to every blog, and “Professional” I could find.  My email was filled with “Crap”.  I read everything faithfully until the early morning hours.  Then I would get up and trudge along to my full time job.  I was frustrated, and ready to quit because I was going to die soon if I did not get some sleep.

Someone had told me I should answer Craigslist Ad’s looking for employment with my brochure, or an email introducing my company.  So I started checking Craigslist every day.  Keep in mind that I received two responses from doing this type of marketing.

I had come across an ad for a business coach.  I decided to answer the ad, because I thought “hell this is a business coach surely this person could help me”.

My first impression was that they were definitely different with their beliefs than anyone I had ever met.  They believed in a more natural, holistic approach to life.  I had no idea what that even meant.  I knew I would never be able to discuss it with my friends.  They would all think I had finally cracked up.  I have always considered myself a rather accepting person, and I don’t believe in a right way or a wrong way to do things.  I think there is your way, and there is my way.  So I thought ok not a deal breaker yet.

Holy Hell Batman!!  Where did these two come from?  They were amazing, and every time they spoke I felt like they were seeing right into my soul.  I felt like they were talking directly to me even in a large crowd of people.  They were kindness, and warmth all wrapped up with a pretty little bow.  They were understanding, and acceptance.  It was amazing at how generous they were.

My journey has been crazy cool.  They have some different ideas than I am used to but I have found myself embracing those ideas.  It was like finding a lantern on a dark road late at night.  I found the ability to live my dream without fear, or guilt.  The feelings we try to keep away from everyone, while they beat us up inside.  I learned that those feelings although they are a part of you don’t have to define you.  If you live with an open heart, and an open mind no matter where you come from or what you have done you are in control.

It is up to you whether you live life, or hide from it.  I have chosen to embrace life, and accept myself as I truly am.  Thank you both, You are not only my guides, but I love you both very much.  I will always be eternally grateful.

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