My pets

I have been surrounded by dogs, cats, and many kinds of animals my whole life.  My babies are everything.  I spend money on them, I feed them well, don’t leave them with anyone I don’t know, and I don’t leave them in a locked car on a hot day.  I protect my pets with the same effort that I protect my children with.   I believe in saving endangered animals for future generations to enjoy.  I don’t hunt, fish, chase, run to death, or breed any animal.  I believe horse racing, and dog racing are inhumane, and a form of cruelty.  I believe animals have feelings, and different personalities just like people.  I believe animals can love just like humans.  They should have rights, protections, and health insurance just like humans.   I believe my babies love me with the same effort as I love them, and would die to protect me as I would them.  I think dogs, and cats should be allowed to sleep on the furniture or anywhere they choose, they should eat as well as their pet parents do, and they should be treated with respect.  They should not be beaten, yelled at, or kicked because you had a bad day.  They should not be left alone for long periods of time, or tied up outside.  They are living, breathing, feeling beings, who are worthy of love, safety, and friendships.  If you do not agree with me that is your choice.  If you don’t want dog hair on your clothes, or you sneeze at cat dander than please remember you don’t belong in my house.  I love my pets, and I will love and respect yours.  

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