OK… What the hell is a New Hire Packet?


New Hire packets

Hello Again… you might be asking yourself what is a new hire packet.  If you are no worries, very simply put it is a packet of documents you need to welcome a new hire.  Simple enough right?

New Hire Packets are easy if you put them together ahead of time.  Even if you only need one employee right now put together 2, or 3.  This will ensure you are not digging for paperwork, while your new hire is waiting to get started.  Also, if you make a last minute decision because you have 2 potentials you really like, and can’t decide between the two you have the packets.  Provided you can afford to hire two.

A new hire packet should be everything documented from the interview, the resume, the questions and answers sheet from the interview, your notes on this potential new hire.  It should also include Tax forms you will need to submit after hiring a new employee.  The Federal government has its requirements as well as your state.  If you are unsure check www.dol.gov or go to your state Dept of Labor Website and look up new hire paperwork.  These will tell you what you need to send, where you need to send it, and how long you have to send it in.  In the event you do not have a payroll company to process your payroll (which is not a requirement of hiring but a really good idea) you will have to complete this step yourself.  If you have a payroll company you fax everything to them and they take care of it from there.

So your NY State businesses should have but are not limited to:

Federal W-4 form, most employees have completed these at least once so you should not need to explain it, if you do just follow the instructions on the additional pages.  This can be found on the www.irs.gov website, you can print this form as many times as needed for free.

NYS IT-2104 this is the NY State withholding document, and again the instructions are on the additional pages so just print it all out.  This document can be found at http://tax.ny.gov website.

I-9 Form can be a little tricky and you have to be very careful because you can get fined if they are not signed in the right place, or if information is missing.  This is the document where the new hire gets to decide what they show you.  You just have to view the documents not photocopy them.  It is 1 item from column A OR 1 item from Column B and Column C but it is the employees choice what you see.

Rate of pay notification tells the new hire what the hourly rate, overtime rates are, when pay is given (Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Weekly), and how they will be paid whether hourly, or salary.  This is a requirement in NY and I am pretty sure it is a Federal requirement.  This notice must be given to new hires, and each year has to be resigned by February 1st by all employees.  You can find out more on this document at http://www.labor.ny.gov and search for Pay Wage Notice.

Direct Deposit form which will require a voided check from the new hire bank account so make sure they have that.


Emergency contact form this is a normal emergency contact form.  This is so you as the employer know who to contact in the event of an emergency.  You will have to act as this employee’s guardian until the emergency contact can be located and arrives either at the scene or the hospital.  It is ok for you to get a list of medications, physician contact info, height, and weight info so that you can use this info to guarantee the best possible care in the event of an emergency.  This is all information the Doctors and emergency or hospital staff will need to know to take care of their patient.  If the employee is unconscious or the emergency contact can’t be located the doctors and nurses will ask you for this information.  It is important to have.

Employee information sheet gives you the mailing address, home phone number, and date of birth.  This can be combined with the emergency contact info.

The job description, and employee handbook acknowledgement should also be given to new hires with this packet.  They should not start training for their new position until they have been given a chance to read the employee handbook and job description fully.  They should be given enough time to read these documents, ask any questions they might have, and let you know if there is something that is not clear.  Once they sign the acknowledgement forms then they can start working.

All of these documents, along with the interview question sheet, their resume, job application, a copy of the Social Security Card, and Driver’s License, are all documents you must have on every single employee you have.  Make sure you give the new hire a copy of all the tax documents, the wage notice, direct deposit form, the handbook, and the job description.  These should be filed away at their home somewhere for their records.  Filing these documents is not as easy as sticking them in a filing cabinet so check back next week when I tell you how to manage your personnel files.  Have a great week!

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