Show them some love, they need it.

Good Morning!

The last few weeks has been lots of information about how to keep employee paperwork compliant, or how to find the right employees for your business, and so on.  I am hoping that it has all been very helpful, but today is going to be just a little different.  I want to remind everyone of something that I have noticed lately is being forgotten.  In our quest to make sure we are compliant with the government and all their rules we are forgetting one thing.  The employees, they are not being recognized, or appreciated.  So I want to remind all business owners today to take a few minutes, recognize your employees.  You, and your business would not survive without them so be sure to stop and thank them.

It doesn’t take much to show appreciation to your employees, and thank them for a job well done.  It goes so far, in keeping them feeling appreciated, and making them feel like they are part of the business.  All we want as people is to be a part of something, something bigger than ourselves, something with meaning, and purpose.  When you work your ass off for someone it helps when that someone recognizes all you are doing.

Something as simple as closing the store for an hour on a Tuesday, and taking everyone to a local restaurant for lunch.  Or maybe that is not possible so you have lunch brought in.  Maybe gift cards to each employee to their favorite places, or a huge discount for your own products or services.  The point is that it doesn’t have to be a huge gesture to show you appreciate your employees.  Sometimes a simple Thank You from the heart is all they need.

So let’s not forget the most important asset of any company big or small, the employees.  Without them you would not be able to do what you do.  Take today, let your employees know they mean as much to you as they do your business.  Have a great day!

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