3 Steps to Organizational Bliss…

Have you ever looked around your space, whether it be your office or your home and thought “Holy Shit what a mess”?  Or needed to prove that you paid a bill but could not find your checkbook, or the bill you paid?

When you are surrounded by disorganization, and chaos, it can create feelings of anxiety, and inadequacy.  Maybe you feel like you have no control over anything because you have piles of stuff everywhere.  You don’t have to stay stuck in a state of disorganization.  Being organized is a state of mind, and doesn’t always have to mean everything is neat, and labeled.  It just means that everything has a place, and when you are not using it that is where it is.

Organizing your home or office can be fun, and exciting.   You have to be willing to play with pieces, and move things around.  Remember that there is no right way or wrong way to be organized, it has to be what works for you.

There are 3 steps to find your organizational bliss.

Step 1 is to understand that organizational bliss is not something that has one answer, or one way to achieve it.  It is a mindset more so than a skill.

Step 2 understand that your organizational bliss depends completely on you.  If everything is within reach, and you know exactly where it is and you are not stressed out by the way things look you are organized.  Some people can have a pile of papers on their desk, and know exactly what each piece of paper is, what it is for, and where it belongs.  They know which one they want, and can grab it without really thinking about it.

Others need neatly labeled folders, lined up in a straight little row.  It is all in your mentality.  If it makes you crazy to see piles everywhere then you will not feel productive, and are probably more stressed than necessary.  For me it is neat, straight, typed labels that I need.  I go absolutely crazy with piles of papers, to the point I have trouble sleeping.

Step 3 is to find what works for you, and don’t worry about what others think organized should mean.  If you have your system, and it works for you then there is no reason to change it.  When you need a document, client information, or the checkbook, and you can find it fairly easily, without being stressed that is all that really matters.

I like things neat, and orderly but that doesn’t work for everyone.  My 15 year old son, has his personal belongings all over his floor.  Including his I-phone.  He bounces around his room, and I cringe when I see him leap over his phone but yet he never steps on it.  He knows where all his stuff is right down to the pencil laying up against the bottom of his dresser.  This works for him, I have to close his door and pretend that his bedroom is filled with lava, and if I open the door I will die but it works for him.  So find what way works for you, and leave it at that.  You will be more productive, and much less stressed.

If you are surrounded by chaos, that is not really working for you, and you are ready to try another way there are Professional Organizers in the Saratoga area that are great at what they do.  They will show you tools, and all kinds of new ways to organize a space.  With years of training, and experience they can show you shortcuts, and have all kinds of ideas to help you create a well organized, comfortable space to spend your time in.



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