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Now we are ready to move on to the “Walls” of your business.  These next four steps, are crucial but like everything else should leave room for changes.  They should not be set in stone, but always a work in progress.  It is important to remember that your business has to have the ability to adapt and change as necessary.

Your location, you need to decide on a location that will bring in your target market.  If you are targeting school children, you don’t want to put your storefront in a college area.  The location of your storefront should be in the heart of your target market.  If you choose not to have a storefront but to run an online business, you want your website to be visible on other websites where your target market spends time.  You might need some time to research where your target market is hanging out but it will be worth it.  Your ideal customer is not going to just stumble onto your website and buy your products, or services.

Customer Service, your end goal is happy, loyal customers.  You should have already put into place business policies that cover how you are going to handle customers.  Your customer service policies, will help ensure every customer receives the same service.   The important thing to remember is it costs more to get new customers, than to keep the ones you currently have.  You want to make sure that every customer feels like your most important customer.  Customers remember when the business they are dealing with goes above and beyond for them.  Your customers are buying you as much as your products and services.  Don’t be afraid to put a little of yourself into your customer service.

Employees, can be one of your most effective, and the most valuable asset to your company.  You want to make sure they are happy, and care about the company.  Unhappy employees are just as bad for your business as unhappy customers.  By this point you should already have an idea as to what benefits you want to offer, and your company policies.  You want to make sure your employees are loyal to you, to ensure that be loyal to your employees as well.

Marketing is a huge part of your business.  You can’t get new customers without marketing.  Make sure when you are marketing your new business you are speaking to your target market.  Your customers are interested in your products, and services, however they are also buying you so don’t be afraid to tell your story.

The “Rooftop” of your successful business is going to be the many returning Happy, Loyal customers.  They will return time and again, and they will always refer family and friends every time.

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