Who the hell are you, and what makes you think you can run a business?

This is a question every new entrepreneur asks themselves.  You feel the wave of excitement, you just finished your website.  It looks awesome, everyone says so.  Your services are clear, the site is clean it is perfect.  If there was an award for best website you would receive it every single year.

You set up your fax machine, your computer, your phone line, you have spent your entire nest egg.  Life could not be any better.  You are going to make tons of money, and have so much free time, you will be running your business from the comfort of your beach chair in no time.

Everything is ready, you have posted on your facebook page, your doors are officially open.  What now?  You wait, and wait, yet no calls.  No money, and 2 weeks into the whole thing, after your savings account is drained, and you receive your final paycheck from the full time stable job you quit a few weeks ago.  Panic… Sheer panic, the mortgage is due in 3 weeks, your car payment is due tomorrow, and you have nothing.  Your spouse looks at you horrified, with that what are we going to do look.  You know that look you know what I am talking about.

You look at your website, it’s been two weeks and no one has visited it since you put the finishing touches on it.  You look at your phone it has not made a peep.  Oh my god!  The kids are going to starve we are going to lose the house.

You seek out the help of other business owners, they have been where you are.  They know what you are going through.  You start talking to them, explaining what you do.  You have caught the attention of several business owners, who might need your services.  You work with them, first giving away your time to get testimonials for your website.  You get advice from a great business coach, and attend some of the programs they offer.  You feel your confidence getting stronger with each program.  You find yourself surrounded by so many other business owners who feel the way you do.  They all listen to your story and feel every word.  They connect with you, as you listen to theirs.  It becomes very clear you could help them in so many ways.  They can help you in their way.  It is a perfect match.  Within weeks you are so busy, with so much work, you don’t have time to go to the beach.  Business is picking up, maybe now is a good time to start looking at getting some help.

Then all of a sudden you feel calm.  You look at yourself in the mirror and you realize you got this.  You can do this.  On the worst day, running your business is better than the best day cooped up in that office you just quit.  You realize that you were so busy questioning yourself that you missed the fact you started a business.  You are not making the money you hoped for just yet, but it is picking up.  Every new client brings in more money.  You just need to stop questioning every decision, stop questioning what you are doing.  You are doing what you love, and loving every minute of it.  People are starting to ask for your help.  Congratulations!  You are a business owner.


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