Why should I outsource any portion of my business?

Why do it alone if you don’t have to.  Let’s face it as a business owner you are already so busy that you can’t possibly have time to put one more thing on your plate.  Major corporations have many employees in place to take care of all the tasks you are trying to accomplish on your own.  You are a small business, but you still need help.   Even if you had a PHD in Business Management, you would not be able to do every task needed to run your business effectively without some kind of help.  Many business owners try to do it all on their own, while maintaining the clients they serve.  This is a huge source of headache, as well as keeping you from growing your business.  The ones who say “I have no problem doing it all myself” are either fooling themselves, or are completely unaware of the damage they are causing to their business.  You can’t run a business all by yourself so why even try.   

With the right help in the right places you will save yourself a lot of trouble, and frustration.  You are in business for one reason and that is to make money.    Outsourcing some tasks to run your business will save you time, and give you the opportunity to find more business giving you more money.  There are many aspects of your business that you can outsource.  You can outsource your IT, Payroll if you have employees, your Bookkeeping, your Marketing, your website work, Taxes, and sometimes the parts of your business that are your business.  With most of these tasks, hiring a professional is pretty easy to do, just find one that you can work with.  Someone you are comfortable with, and then let them go.   Just because you outsource these things doesn’t mean that you can’t still control what gets done or how you after all are still the owner. 

One of the key pieces to a successful business is surrounding yourself with smart people, who care as much about your business as you do.  Surround yourself with people who depend on the success of your business as much as you do, and you won’t go wrong.  Why waste time researching laws, and regulations when others have to make it their business to do exactly that.  Your time is more valuable than that. 

If you could outsource 3 things in your business what would they be, and why?  We want to hear from you so leave your comments below.  Or visit me on my facebook page.  www.facebook.com/kbkofficeservices

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