You’re not a Pet Sitter, You have no idea what it takes!

So I have been told in the last week several times that because I am not a Pet Sitter I don’t understand, and could never understand what they need.  I agree with this statement somewhat, but not in it’s entirety.  I don’t know what a Pet Sitter goes through every single day, or what obstacles they face on a daily basis.

Here is what I do know about Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers.  They are hardworking people who are trying to make a living.  They work holidays, weekends, most times seven days a week, without breaks.  Unable to take vacations, or sick days.  Some have to drive 20 miles to take care of a customers pets only to be harassed at the prices they charge.  They have a special kind of love for animals, and truly treasure the bonds they create with the pets they care for.  They are extremely knowledgeable in pet care because they not only love animals but they see all kinds of things everyday.  If you have a pet that has an issue and the Vet can’t seem to figure it out ask your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker.  Chances are they have ideas your Vet may not have thought of.  Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers just like other business owners face day to day challenges in their businesses such as IT problems, bookkeeping issues, questions in regards to hiring employees, customer notices, web site issues and a large array of other office tasks.  The difference between a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker is that some can’t afford to outsource some or any of these tasks.  So they do it all on their own.  They ask questions of each other, and do the best they can to help each other out.  They cover for each other when they can if another Sitter has some sort of emergency.  There really is no one for them to turn to for help with their business.   Most Pet Sitters/Dog Walker’s don’t do this job to get rich, or to make millions.  They are happy because they are doing what they love.  They would love the opportunity to not have to worry so much about the business side of things, so they could concentrate on the pets they enjoy seeing everyday.

Many professionals depend on these services daily so they can go to work, knowing their babies are being cared for.  While most people appreciate the work of their Pet Sitter/Dog Walker, there are a few out there who feel they should be entitled to this service, and are unappreciative of the work that goes into this type of service.  I am an animal lover, and I really believe that if I can help even just one Pet Sitter find balance in their business it will allow them to care for more pets, and therefore I am doing my job.   For me, my business pays the bills, and feeds my family, but I want my work to mean something too.  I want my business to reflect my personality, and part of my personality is the fact that I love Animals.   Pet Service Providers will always hold a special place in my heart for me because in my opinion they help pets live healthy, and happy lives.  I was asked a few days ago what is being asked of me?  The answer took a while to find but quite simply I am being asked who I want to serve, who I want to help.  I want to help business owners that help pets.

If you are an owner of a Pet Sitter/Dog  business please leave me your comments, I would love to hear what you need to make your business run more efficiently.

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